Saturday, September 3, 2011

a saturday thrift...

so today my roomie kristin and i ventured out to two flea markets.
one of our favorite ones is in verona, pa.
i found these treasures there!

this picture is a pring of yard that is 5x7 and will be hung in our craft room.
:) i love the colors in this piece.

this is one of the two rugs i bought.
this one is a runner that is in our upstairs hallway.
i fell in love with it and the price was right!:)
the other rug is round and blue and white. its at our front door.<3

this is my new hat box which i made my button collection holder.
it is turquoise with paisleys all over it. it's beautiful!

this is a bench i love.
there is a bench theme going on inside me right now.
i think im over chairs and only want benches.
this one was wayyy too much $$$!
but it's super duper old and i love it.
there was also a wooden white bench i love.
it was covered in junk so i didn't take a picture, but it looked nothing like this one.
i love benches.
this was such a fun trip. i spent 2 hours in the flea market.
no lie i couldve spent all day there.
it is hands down the best place in pittsburgh that i know of.

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