Thursday, September 15, 2011

see ya summer!

at the beginning of the summer these sweet boys played
with their new water table for the first time.
it wasn't that long ago but they have grown so much over the past 5 months.
here are some see ya summer pictures from the
start of our first summer together.

here is baby a with his amazing hair.
he wasn't able to stand/walk just yet, but he started two months later.:)
this is baby s thrilled about the water!
he was such a crazy baby when it comes to water and he still is now!

here we are our first summer together and our first hot day.

this was such a fun day.
today is a rainy pittsburgh day. this may be a theme for the rest of the week.
we are excited about fall and welcoming it!
we can eat pumpkin flavored stuff, go to on hayrides and play in leaves.
this fall will be an exciting one as the boys continue to learn more
and grow. however id like them to stay 1 and 1/2 forever.

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