Thursday, December 15, 2011

saving amazing chairs..

So at the end of the summer I bought three metal chairs
for our backyard. they weren't the best colors but
they are just my style.
for all three chairs i paid $25 then found out for the price
of one new one at lowes it was $25.
being crafty sure does cut down on costs.:)
this picture is of all three chairs.
the non matching chair had the most rust and i am still working on
getting into better looking condition.
however the other two got a wipe down some sanding and
a new vibrant coat of spray paint.
i love mixing crazy colors for backyard decor so that is what is happening.

this is chair number one which is a bright teal!:)
this color makes our whole backyard a brighter spot to hang.
this color covered the hunter green really easily and with paint left over.
[please forgive the ugly yellow paper in the teal chair picture]

i really wanted a yellow chair so i bit the bullet of many coats with this chair.
it was worth it. i love these colors together.
the third chair will be a bright green and creme color.

i hope this post encourages you to try and find something old
and reuse it rather than just going out and buying something new bc its easy.

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