Sunday, April 11, 2010

nepal goodies as promised..

so everywhere we go we collect a christmas ornament.
this is a nepalese bell.
cute, hu?

this is one of like 4 pencil pouches i got.
this one is green my favorite color!

this is my most favorite thing shea brought back.
i can't exactly tell if its an all black watercolor or if its ink.
either way its fabulous and i can't wait to add it to our art
collection. he did so good with this one!
so shea, jon, james and robby went to nepal to check on the state of the church there. they were gone for 2 whole weeks.(which felt like forever) they had a great time and learned alot. this mission trip changed these men for the better and i am so glad they were able to go. i am so thankful to have them all home, esp shea cole!! shea brought back some super cool stuff. these were just a few of my favorite things.


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