Thursday, March 18, 2010

a little of this a little of that..
i want one of these for my future kiddo. sooo freaken cute.
two of my great friends here have had kids this week. so i was just searching..
this inspired me!! i saw a fabric one in a store but i am going to look into making a paper one tomorrow. this photo came from
[we have a giant window that faces the apts courtyard. this banner would look amazing hanging in it.:) i am so stoked about making it]

here is a wreath i made for spring. i took some peaches and cream yarn about one and a half of the smaller sizes it comes in. i wrapped it tightly around a straw wreath. then topped it off with some ribbon made into a bow. this is my first project for our easter decor. i really like spring/easter decorating. the stuff is almost as cute as christmas.
i want one of these for my future kiddo. sooo freaken cute.

in the cole household which consists of shea, cooper and i. we will dye eggs, bake cupcakes and give each other easter baskets. no hunting eggs that will come when the kiddos do. shea isn't use to holiday celebrating so i have to help him along. :)

outside today it is a beautiful springy day. the temp is in the mid 60s!

go out and play!!

p.s. my next blog will be of all the cool cool things shea found me in nepal!!:o]

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