Sunday, April 11, 2010

creative creations..

this is my favorite of my latest creations.
its a teal headband with a pink flower topped with a big white button.
there is a theme here i guess.
the theme being flowers.
this is was my first of this type of flower.
see its leaves :)
here is a floppier flower i made that will probably be a pin
or go on a headband. i made my sister a headband with a flower just like
this on it for easter. she loves it and so do her buds down in auburn, al.
this is my second favorite thing i have made lately.
its a sweet little bobby pin with a fabric flower on it
topped with a baby blue button.
both this and the very top project are made from recycling an old tshirt.

ok. so i am not a photographer as you can tell by my pictures. i get frustrated by the whole time consuming uploading process. i feel like until we get a real deal camera and a tad more space this may improve.

i love making these little flowers. they are so sweet and look great in your hair. shea even said that they look awesome which is saying alot since he's a boy.

i have two big craft things coming up. in may my moma and gran will be selling my crafts at first friday. which is sooo much fun. all you florence folks go check them out and buy all of it! :)
then June 6th i will have a table at the bryant street festival. it should be really hot fun. i think i am going to bring some sweet tea to give away to people that want it.:)

yesterday my friends and i went up to the craft fair imadeit. it was awesome. a ton more venders than i had seen at ones in the past. i got these sweet yellow flower earings. i think you could say i am on a yellow kick. when we left imadeit we went to construction junction. i hit the motherload. i found two different huge pieces of tule to make tutus out of. then got some solid fabric scraps, a painters palette for my cupcake bday this year and last some bright green wrapping paper. all of that was only $6.75. which is a great price and what is also great is it was unwanted unused craft supplies. i am in love with that area of construction junction. i can't wait for my moma to see that place one day.

ok i hope this makes up for keeping you out of my crafting loop. hope you enjoyed it.



Caroline said...

cute headband!

taniya said...

so, i saw some of these t shirt flowers on a tshirt scarf the other day and thought of you. I thought this is something she would like. and some crochet flowers. pretty. i'm gonna practice some crochet ones-later, amelia just woke up. bye!

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