Wednesday, May 26, 2010


here are some cupcakes that i made for a great friend of mines graduation party!
they are fun and everyone loved them.

the one below on the far right is supposed to have curly looking hair.
her hair is a curly blonde. can you see it?
they also have cherrios for ears.
i did some with chocolate sprinkles on top of chocolate frosting.
there is one in the back that has big red for hair.[that one was the hardest]
i did some chocolate frosting in ziplocks to make it look more like hair.
then i made two with cherrio hair.
the reese cup turned upside down is between the cupcake and the cookie.
the cookie is a chocolate covered peanut butter cookie i was able to find at the grocery.
on top of the cookie is a mini m&m and i made my own blue frosting out of white frosting and food coloring
for the tassle. which i also squeezed out using a ziplock.

i hope i got these out in time for you to take a try at them for your grad!
hope ya'll enjoy!
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