Sunday, February 13, 2011


well today is valentines day.
until we have kiddos this holiday will be observed by
purchasing one thing each for one another(meaning my hubs and i)
oh and sending cards to my mom, gran and grandmother.
(those cards just saying that i am thankful for them bc...)

shea found his present already.
it is a westerns box set.(he is obsessed with them)
i have no idea what he is getting me but this is just a fun day for a surprise.
that is how i see it.
however this day/"holiday" has fun things in it.

first is vintage valentines. the one above i love but this one is my most favorite.
once when i was in 2nd grade i got a ninja turtle valentine from a boy.
it say cowabunga i like you as much as pizza.[amazing] it's on the front of my journal.

second is conversation hearts(fruit flavors only please)

third. cupcakes. red velvet to be exact.
i plan on having a nice quiet dinner and a movie at home with my precious husband.
i also plan on baking red velvet cake bc cupcakes won't look as good on my vintage cake plate.

have a happy one.
make sure all your important people feel loved always.

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