Thursday, June 16, 2011

oh me oh my yarn bombing

my newest obsession, yarn bombing!!
national yarn bombing day was June 11th!:)
i have been keeping an eye out for yarn bombing in pitt
but haven't seen any yet.
we have beautiful murals but not wonderfully colorful yarn bombings.
here are some of my favorite bombings i found awesome would it be to see this cool hat in the dark
deary colors in winter. it would change my wintery cold attitude.

i love this web like crocheting!
i think without a doubt this is my favorite because it is so
amazingly gorgeous. just imagine wedding photos with a tree like this.

how precious are these yarn flowers on a construction fence.
this would be a perfect pittsburgh yarn bombing bc we
have so so so so much construction.
i will admit now in my post that i cannot crochet or knit, yet.
one day i will find the patience inside myself
and learn this wonderful craft.
sooooo many wonderful colors.
such an amazing form of graffiti which takes the greys and blacks
of a city and brings bright bold colors in.
i love this so very much. someone in pittsburgh do this in highland
park bc it would look amazing!:)

if you wanna see more cool yarn bombings check out...this site

photo credits
one. two. three. four.

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